Australian UXO Support in Laos


Australian Support To UXO Action In Laos

Australia is a longstanding supporter of UXO action in Laos. Since 1996 Australian assistance has benefited over 17 000 people in UXO-contaminated provinces. Australia has provided almost A$20 million through a comprehensive approach involving clearance and risk awareness, victim assistance, and better planning.

Clearance and Awareness

Humanitarian mine action operators have cleared UXO from productive land and delivered risk awareness activities. These activities give rural communities safer access to natural resources, supporting improved food security and livelihoods.

We work in partnership with Australian Non Government Organisations to combine UXO clearance and risk awareness with community development initiatives. The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining has described the Australian approach as best practice.

UXO Victim Assistance

Since 1998, Australian-funded victim assistance projects have helped 12 000 vulnerable people living in poverty in remote communities. This funding has increased access to rehabilitation services and helped people with disabilities participate in community activities. An on-going National Victims Survey will lead to better UXO information system management and improved coordination of responses.

Support for UXO Sector Planning, Coordination and Management

To meet its development targets, Laos must have strong national capacity in UXO sector planning, coordination and management. Since 1996 Australia has supported the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) to oversee and regulate the UXO sector. Funding has also been provided to assist the Lao Government to meet its obligations under international treaties and to host the first Meeting of the States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions in 2010.