AUSLAO UXO delivers effective commercial solutions to UXO and Mine problems in Laos, regionally and internationally.   AUSLAO UXO offers expert services for survey, detection and clearance of unexploded ordnance (UXO) on surface, sub-surface and underwater for commercial projects, including tasks associated with historical research, detection, removal and disposal all types of UXO. We offer comprehensive UXO clearance services to assist the national redevelopment of LAOS PDR:

  • Survey
  • Clearance
  • UXO/Mine Risk Education


    AUSLAO-UXO, part of the AUSLAO-GROUP – is owned and operated by Laos and Australian partners. AUSLAO-UXO is a Laos P.D.R. registered commercial entity and registered with the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) accredited under Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Clearance Company No: 675/NRA, 21 November 2013.

    Our Vision:

    Be the commercial solution of choice for UXO/Mine Problems in Laos, regionally and internationally. We aim to contribute to the improvement of management and quality assurance capabilities of the UXO landscape in LAOS PDR, contribute to a safer development and investment environment and become the employer of choice for Laos and foreign UXO professionals.

    Our Mission:

  • Develop and promote the National Survey, Clearance, UXO/Mine Risk Education and Victim Assistance Capacities in Laos.
  • Conduct comprehensive commercial UXO/Mine Action Programmes in Laos.
  • Improve UXO/Mine clearance technologies, techniques and capacities in Laos.
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of commercial UXO/Mine Action services in Laos.
  • Provide an advanced commercial UXO/Mine Action Model in Laos to international standards.
  • Contribute to the National Social Economic Development, Rural Development and Poverty Eradication Efforts in Laos.
  • AUSLAO UXO personnel have global experience in; Europe, Africa, Asia and especially Laos with experience in Battlefield Area Clearance, Training and Consultancy, also conducting UXO/Mine Risk Education in this sector. Its experts are able to quickly and flexibly respond to changing project requirements.


    AUSLAO-UXO key strengths are tailor-made project management and monitoring implemented in close cooperation with the client. Its experts are able to quickly deploy and flexibly respond to changing project requirements. Our leaders effectively communicate to ensure project outcomes are fulfilled. We provide historical research, detection, removal and disposal of all kinds of UXO on land and underwater and specialized in the use of high magnetometer German technologies for clearance of:

  • Civil construction and Infrastructure development
  • Hydropower, Substations and Transmission lines
  • Special economic zones and Industrial parks
  • Airport-fields
  • Mining areas
  • Afforest areas

  • Battlefield Area Clearance
  • Commercial Infrastructure Clearance
  • Underwater Clearance
  • Training and Consultancy
  • UXO/Mine Risk Education
  • Project Management

  • Assessment of potential UXO contamination in project areas and access roads via general survey.
  • Provision of path finding teams to ensure the safety of project personnel required to work in areas prior to clearance
  • UXO awareness training for all project personnel prior to the commencement of field operations.
  • Technical survey of all areas identified as potentially UXO contaminated during the general survey;
  • 100 % shallow and deep search of all areas classified.
  • Provide any number of UXO Clearance teams to physically search the ground using UXO detectors and Magnetometers to a depth of 4-5 m below the surface as well as underwater, to locate and destroy any UXO found.
  • Provision of UXO survey and clearance services to provide a safe working environment during preparation works and construction with Standard Operating Procedures to Lao PDR National UXO/Mine Action Standards.

      Auslao provides our UXO clearance staff continuous training. All staff have completed NRA accredited training. Our values promote life long study to continuously enhance our capabilities, safety and service to our clients.


    Auslao is proud to offer equal employment opportunities to all Lao nationals. Having a balanced ratio of men and women provides a healthy, creative working environment, benefiting our productivity and customer experience.