AUSLAO-BIOMASS part of the AUSLAO GROUP – is a Joint Venture Company by Lao and Australian investors.

AUSLAO-BIOMASS is a registered entity in the LAOS PDR and was established to provide:

  • Effective clearance and management of Biomass waste services to assist in the national redevelopment of the LAO PDR
  • Generate an economically viable revenue stream for Biomass both as a domestic and export resource.
  • Increase the management and quality assurance capabilities of the Biomass landscape in LAO PDR
  • To be the employer of choice for LAO national and foreign BIOMASS professionals.

  • Our Vision:

    To be the employer of choice and to deliver the best highest quality BIOMASS commercial organisation in LAO PDR

    Our Mission:

  • Conduct a comprehensive commercial BIOMASS Action Program in Laos.
  • Improve BIOMASS clearance technologies, techniques and capacities in Laos.
  • Contribute to the National Social Economic Development and to the realization of Rural Development and Poverty Eradication Efforts in Laos.
  • To contribute an advanced commercial BIOMASS Model in Laos to an international level.
  • Contribute the Lao PDR economy by generating employment and producing a value added commodity with the ability to generate an effective return on investment.